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I learned to appreciate and value the YouTube videos of Jared Polin (FroKnowsPhoto). They are well researched and fun to watch. For a photographer at heart, this brings me inspiration and opportunity to improve. His site has well over 1.1 million subscribers. This is no typo!

There is hope for all of us 😉

I direly enjoy his first attempt to produce a video. Yes, there is hope for all of us. I encourage you to watch it.

Nine years later…

If he had had to go through a casting, they would not have selected him. And this is what makes it so inspiring from a career point of view. He had the dedication and hidden talent that emerged.

In the beginning, he produced two YouTube videos a day, marketed them, and did all the communication work himself. Producing from home, moving to a loft he lived in and know owning a studio (The Fro Factory) with two employees is quite a stretch for nine years. He is not only successful from a business perspective but in the flow of a purposeful life. I challenge you to produce over 3.000 without being in the flow. 😅

Career Inspirations

  1. Presentation Video
    It becomes more common that when you apply for a job or present yourself online, you add a short presentation video of yourself. Just a minute or two. Whoever is not a born film star might not do better than Jared in his initial video. You can suffer through it alone or get help from a friend or professional to produce it.
  2. Business Development
    Becoming a successful YouTuber who can make money from what you are doing is very competitive. But supporting your career and business activities with some videos you produce might give you an edge in what you are doing and is no moonshot.

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